The role of a consultancy is to make a complete diagnosis of your business objectives and capabilities to analyze in which processes Artificial Intelligence will make the most difference.

There are major software vendors that work with both services, that is, they offer both the creation and implementation of an AI platform as well as map the company’s technology needs and priorities, proposing an installation plan and a customized product. Check out the main benefits:

Tool implementation order optimization

In the previous item, we showed just some possibilities of applying artificial intelligence to business. In such a diverse scenario, your company will not be able to implement AI in every possible process and task. You need to check what your business priorities are, the profile of your audience, the available budget and how your business works to start with the most important industries.

For this, it is necessary to have a specialized partner who understands the relevance of artificial intelligence for the enterprise, but also knows the importance of business management. A consultancy will make a comprehensive diagnosis of the technological situation of your business, checking which areas are below potential and which already yield good results with current tools. Probably, the implementation will start with the most deficit.

Custom platform

In view of your strategic planning, the consultancy will realize what are the key objectives of your business to achieve the desired results. This will map the processes that need to be improved to achieve better and better indicators.

The platform built on the joint work of business consulting and AI software development will therefore unify all the tools that will bring more productivity and efficiency to the key tasks of a business.

So instead of paying for a feature-rich application that will never be used, you’ll have a product tailored to your current needs. As your company realizes that new capabilities need to be added, simply ask the vendor.

Reduced implementation time

The business consultancy will seek to implement the new technology with minimal impact on your company’s daily operations. This avoids completely stopping services to install AI capability. For this, their processes will be analyzed and the solution will be installed gradually, reducing the damage that companies lead to interrupting their activities.

In addition, there is always a period of adaptation by employees, who will have to incorporate technology into their daily tasks. Therefore, a well-designed gradual implementation by a consultancy makes negative impacts minimal.

Maximum utilization of technology

When a company’s management decides to implement Artificial Intelligence, it may not quite know what technological possibilities are available today. Consequently, it may end up underestimating or overestimating what can be optimized with AI.

After all, not everything we see on the internet is easily applicable in everyday business. Often, advertisements are made for tools that actually have no real benefit to the business. A business consultant has market experience and knows which tools have brought real competitiveness in the market, such as registration automation, marketing, etc.

What are the main impacts of artificial intelligence and how can a business consultancy help?

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence will certainly have important consequences for operations. Although it has several benefits, it brings some challenges and impacts on the company’s investments  – especially shortly after installing the solution. Check out what they are:

Qualification of human resources

After implementing AI tools, the skills you will be looking for in your people are likely to change completely. Instead of employees who can do repetitive Excel or ERP tasks, you will be looking for professionals who understand smart systems, such as RPA, and can manipulate them so that they perform their tasks better, that is, a “robot trainer.”

Although they have learning capabilities, robots may need someone doing manual tasks before learning them. Thus, it may be interesting to hire collaborators with basics of how artificial intelligence works.

A business consultancy, therefore, would be interesting to train both internal staff and to list which skills are most important for future recruitments. After all, the production model will change a lot in the coming years of digital transformation and, if your company is not prepared for it, it will lose room for competition.

Advertising and marketing

As you may have realized, AI brings a lot of marketing tools. In particular, you should keep an eye on the trends of segmentation and individualization of strategies. With Big Data, you can identify hidden patterns that are useful for sales. For example, realize that your audience often likes pages of environmental activism.

Instead of traditional demographic targeting such as gender and age, you can focus on interests and behavior. This new type of approach is much more effective as it creates a connection with the lives of prospects.

Consequently, your company will have to look for a marketing team that can create campaigns with this new data type. In addition, they should be able to manipulate AI machines to get the information their business needs. This way, marketing will be much closer to IT.

Your challenge will be to hire and train employees willing to learn from digital transformation. In addition, it will be essential to create creative processes that integrate AI to its full potential as a way of generating insights. Consulting can help design them for more persuasive campaigns based on customer experience.

Customer support

Robotic care will be a trend of the future, but given the limitations of these tools for understanding human speech and emotions, it will be necessary to think about humanization strategies. Otherwise, it will likely migrate to competition.

Therefore, your company should hire an advanced and customized solution for your business. In this sense, a business consultancy would be essential to teach which tasks can be automated by a service robot and which not.

Product Pricing

AI tools can analyze various data from their customers to build a pricing strategy that increases sales conversion. That is, based on user buying behavior, an optimized price can be calculated. Thus, instead of theoretical formulas and management assumptions, you will have objective, actual and up-to-date data.

That’s very good, isn’t it? But at the same time, it puts enormous pressure on your business. After all, your competitors will eventually implement this technology, but you don’t know when. It is likely that whoever does this first will reap many profits and greatly increase competitiveness. Therefore, this should be one of the first tools to be implemented – preferably as soon as possible.

Therefore, an Artificial Intelligence strategy must always be accompanied by expert business consulting. This will give you more information to choose the right technology for your business, given the market news.

What’s more, instead of having a platform full of useless tools, you’ll have a system that is tailored to your needs and fully scalable. This way, dozens of tasks can be optimized, such as email marketing campaigns, integration between systems, customer registration, etc.