Digital transformation is putting technology in various scenarios. In the retail sector, it’s no different: trends such as Artificial Intelligence are putting IT in a new position, more in line with market and customer needs.

Artificial Intelligence enables companies to be more innovative, have a higher level of automation and operational efficiency. This not only enables businesses to be more competitive, but also to be able to leverage all available resources to deliver high value-added products to their customers.

What is artificial intelligence?

The Artificial Intelligence is the ability to acquire new software automated mode of knowledge. By collecting and analyzing information, the software can identify ways to avoid and correct errors, as well as new functionality.

Artificial intelligence applications span all sectors of the economy. In transport, for example, it allowed the creation of autonomous vehicles. They can measure all the traffic around them, as well as road conditions to determine how best to move a person or product from one point to another, reducing costs and accidents.

How can it be applied in the corporate environment?

Retail can use Artificial Intelligence in various scenarios. Below are three key points where AI can be adopted to deliver the best results.


Chatbots are automated answering software capable of responding to demands using human-like language. That is, he can simulate a conversation while attending a person.

To create this experience, chatbot uses keyword recognition in each message sent by the user. That way, they can connect to business systems to make sales, report merchandise delivery status, or, among other things, register a new user.

Artificial intelligence can be used to continuously optimize chatbot. He will be able to learn new features and keywords as they are used, preventing the company from having to apply updates directly. Thus, the venture can deliver to its consumers software that can continually improve.

Routine Automation

The automation is key to reducing costs and errors in the corporate environment. It enables companies to meet corporate demands without human interference and thereby provide more productivity for teams.

Use Artificial Intelligence integrated with automation to improve the ability of a solution to automatically execute routines as per user demand. This will enable more routines to be automated, creating a stream of continuous improvement for the company.

Product Offering and Discount Processes

Every company has discount campaigns on their product prices. But to make sure they’re efficient, it’s important to know the right time to contact the consumer. Knowing the right time to send an offer or alert you about a new product is crucial to ensuring a customer’s conversion.

With Artificial Intelligence, the business can more easily find this opportunity. The company will have a system that uses data such as customer location, profile, buying habits and market trends to find the best time to alert you about an offer.

This will make the organization much more competitive. Knowing when is the best time to approach the consumer, the venture maximizes its ability to stay profitable and achieve medium and long term business goals.