Another great benefit of Artificial Intelligence is the automation of various tasks of these processes. This allows your marketing team to spend valuable time thinking about creative customer conversion strategies rather than worrying about questionnaires, data collection, graphing, etc.

Similarly, you can automate your own campaign customization process for each segment. That is, the Artificial Intelligence software itself will learn and select which content will be forwarded to each group. The main job of the marketing team will be to write killer content.

Other benefits

Artificial Intelligence also allows:

  • eliminate subjectivity from the segmentation process;
  • find hidden trends, that is, changes in segments that are not yet noticed;
  • identify hidden patterns;
  • present a varied and precise segmentation and may even be based on elements such as music taste, Netflix-assisted series, humorous Facebook pages;
  • have scalability that can be employed whether you have a hundred potential customers or millions.

With good customer targeting, your campaign is more effective because it will get the message across to those who are already willing to listen. Thus, the return on investment  will grow exponentially. This is no exaggeration, as one study has shown that well-targeted marketing strategies can drive 760% revenue growth compared to campaigns without this concern.