The use of artificial intelligence systems can enhance sales strategies. With them you can analyze the customer base, analyze behaviors and purchase history in order to create products and services that best meet the needs of consumers.

An intelligent system applied to e-commerce is capable of creating custom recommendations. Thus, it is possible to make products more attractive according to the profile and the needs of each customer. It can also improve the experience and satisfaction of the public.

People can benefit from IT solutions both inside and outside the corporate environment. Following are some of the many advantages of Artificial Intelligence in companies.

Safer Information

IT security is one of the areas that most enjoys Artificial Intelligence. IT departments use AI to detect and prevent system security threats and attacks, user issues, and automation. In e-commerce, the enhancement of this technology helps to create innovative solutions that can prevent potential fraud.

Machine learning and intelligent algorithms are highly effective at detecting known and unknown attacks. This enables IT security professionals to take a more proactive stance.

The use of AI also contributes to corporate security as they can make reliable data-based decisions. Thus, managers can analyze the information presented by the system and follow their recommendations in decision making.

Increased productivity

As we mentioned in the previous topic, automation increases the productivity of a company because the employee has more time to devote to another activity.

According to Accenture’s report , the adoption of AI in companies can increase work productivity by up to 40%. The data estimate that by the year 2035 the annual economic growth of more developed countries could be doubled. All this thanks to the use of AI.

Working Time Optimization

Process automation with the aid of AI is an effective practice for working time optimization. It makes many tasks automatic, preventing much of the production time from being lost to basic, routine work.

When a repetitive task is delegated to a machine, management can relocate employees to perform jobs that require greater strategic thinking. Relocation can allow employees to develop their professional and personal skills, feeling more satisfied and productive.

Cost reduction

The application of Artificial Intelligence brings more reliability to the processes. Thus errors become more difficult to occur, and productivity is greatly increased. These improvements lead to a reduction in operating costs.

In addition, tasks automated by the insertion of Artificial Intelligence systems reduce labor requirements and labor tax expenditures.

Improved customer relationship

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used to improve customer relationships. It can solve complex problems more quickly and anticipate future purchases. In addition, smart solutions are available full-time, serving the immediacy of an increasingly computerized and demanding audience.

The concept of cognitive computing revolutionizes care, being able to understand human language, including the use of slang, colloquialism and regionalism. He can also identify images, rationalize and give his own answers. Technology can tell from the customer’s voice if the person was ironic or nervous, for example.

According to Business Insider data , by 2020, 85% of interactions between brands and consumers will be achieved solely through the use of Artificial Intelligence in companies.

The available tools also help as a way to measure customer-company relationship strategies, aiming to improve the customer experience.

Increased profitability

The use of AI can lead to a substantial increase in company profit. According to a report published by consulting firm Accenture and Frontier Economics , Artificial Intelligence has the potential to generate more than 38 percent average business profitability by 2035 and lead to an economic increase of $14 trillion over the same period.

Also according to the report, manufactures will see broad growth in the projected base, with an expected 39% increase in profit share due to AI powered systems; Your ability to learn, adapt, and evolve over time can eliminate faulty machines and idle equipment.

One of the most recommended ways for a company to achieve these results is to reinvent the HR industry. For this, the use of collaborators (humans) and Artificial Intelligence systems must be combined. It is also worth investing in building a new supply chain and combining cloud with AI.

Artificial Intelligence arrived with the goal of adding value to companies. There are solutions in equipment and software that can be adapted to small and medium enterprises without greatly affecting the budget. With this investment, everyone can benefit from the agility and efficiency gained from the change.